Sean Murphy


Sean undertakes hydrology research in pasture and crop systems to develop profitable, adaptive and sustainable primary industries in NSW. His research outcomes lead to both improved water productivity by maximising returns from the use of rainfall and better natural resource management by maintaining functional and productive agro-ecosystems.

Sean joined NSW Agriculture in 1997 to conduct research in the Sustainable Grazing Systems project focussing on the impact that grazing management has on the water balance of native pastures.  Since then, his hydrology research program has made contributions to CRC Salinity, Future Farm Industries CRC and the EverGraze National Program leading to its nomination for a Eureka Prize in 2014.

Sean’s current research is focussed on developing the performance of tropical grass and legume pastures in northern NSW and to improve pasture growth forecasting by using soil water and weather data.

Contact details
Phone: (02) 6763 1244
Mobile: 0418 605 219