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Shihab Uddin

Research Scientist

Research interests

  • Understanding the mechanism of subsoil amelioration with different amendments
  • Soil management for improving crop productivity
  • Improving crop water use efficiency in constrained soils
  • Plant water relations in a changing climate
  • Crop responses under changing climate e.g. high CO2, drought


Dr Shihab Uddins current work is focussed on minimising the yield gap in alkaline dispersive soils by selecting novel genotypes and/or subsoil application of amendments. Dr Uddin is using organic and inorganic amendments and their combination with unique chemical properties in order to understand the structural transformations of alkaline dispersive soils and the associated crop responses such as root growth and water use efficiency.

Dr Uddin’s PhD research was focussed on the interdependence between elevated CO2-induced stimulation of plant biomass especially leaf area and leaf-level water use efficiency on water use of dryland crops. In addition, root growth and subsoil water extraction dynamics under elevated CO2 were major part of his PhD research.


PhD (Agricultural Sciences) – The University of Melbourne – Australia – 2019
M. Sc. (Physical Land Resources: Soil Science) – Ghent University – Belgium – 2014
M. Sc. (Agronomy) – Bangladesh Agricultural University – Bangladesh – 2012
B. Sc. Hons. (Agriculture) – Bangladesh Agricultural University – Bangladesh – 2010

Current projects

2000 - ??Understanding the amelioration processes of the subsoil application of amendments in the Southern Region
2000 - ???Improving wheat yields on sodic, magnesic and dispersive soils
2000-???Integrated solutions for accessing soil moisture
2000-??? Dispersive soil and soil structure: Novel amendments for improving soil structure

Recent publications

Professional associations

  • Australian Society of Soil Science member
  • Australian Society of Agronomy member


  • Amelioration of subsoil constraints
  • Dryland crop water use
  • Agronomic management of field crops
  • Crop physiology
  • Plant water relations
  • Crop responses in high CO2 environment

Contact details

Phone: 02 69381830

Email: shihab.uddin@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Location: Wagga Wagga NSW