FOWLER, Stephanie

Stephanie Fowler

Research Interests

  • Development and application of technologies to measure meat and carcase quality
  • Carcase and meat quality assessment
  • Factors impacting on meat quality


Dr Stephanie Fowler joined the NSW DPI meat research team at Cowra while completing her PhD (graduated 2015), which focused on the development and validation of a Raman spectroscopic hand held device to measure lamb quality. This has contributed to experience in carcase assessment, quantification of meat quality and fatty acid composition of meat as well as the development of technologies to measure meat and carcase qualities.

Stephanie is currently working on several projects as part of the Sheep CRC including the validation of NitFOM and NIR technologies to predict intramuscular fat levels in sheep and lamb meat.

She also works on the development of technologies to measure the GR depth of lambs and improving the utilisation of cuts of heavy lambs (fabrication costs, new cuts and nutritive value).

Stephanie is also engaged with other technology based projects including the preservation of fresh lamb shelf life using hypobaric chambers and the development of Raman spectroscopy to predict beef meat and sensory traits.

She has currently published 10+ papers/reports and is an adjunct research associate with the Graham Centre of Agricultural Innovation.