MORRIS, Stephen

Stephen Morris

Research interests

  • Statistical graphics
  • Applied statistics
  • The “R” programming environment


Stephen joined NSW DPI in 1990 and has been part of the biometrics unit at Wollongbar since 1996. He provides a biometrical consultancy service for researchers in the North Coast region plus several clients from other centres. He is well grounded in a broad range of scientific disciplines after years of patient explanation from numerous collaborators. Lately, he has also assisted with presentation and development of the NSW DPI biometrics Basic Statistics course.


  • B.Sc. (University of New England) - 1990

Current projects

  • Macadamia canopy management
  • Environmental and agricultural health
  • Climate change and agriculture
  • Aquaculture production

Recent publications

Kaiser AG, Dear BS, Morris SG (2007) An evaluation of the yield and quality of oat-legume and ryegrass-legume mixtures and legume monocultures harvested at three stages of growth for silage. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 47(1) 25-38

Jordan D, Phillips D, Sumner J, Morris S, Jenson I (2007) Relationships between the density of different indicator organisms on sheep and beef carcasses and in frozen beef and sheep meat. Journal of Applied Microbiology 102(1) 57-64

Olesen T, Morris S, McFadyen L. (2007) Modelling the interception of photosynthetically active radiation by evergreen subtropical hedgerows. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 58(3) 215-223

Vancov T, Jury K, Rice N, Van Zwieten L, Morris S (2007) Enhancing cell survival of atrazine degrading Rhodococcus erythropolis NI86/21 cells encapsulated in alginate beads. Journal of Applied Microbiology 102(1) 212-220

Phillips D, Jordan D, Morris S, Jenson I, Sumner J (2006) A national survey of the microbiological quality of beef carcasses and frozen boneless beef in Australia. Journal of Food Protection 69(5) 1113-1117

Cafe LM, Hennessy DW, Hearnshaw H, Morris SG, Greenwood PL (2006) Influences of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation on birth weights and growth to weaning of calves sired by Piedmontese or Wagyu bulls. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 46(2) 245-255

Jordan D, Morris SG, Gill P, Andersen LM, Chowdhury A, Stevenson AE, Spence SA. (2005) Mass screening for antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli in dairy cows in northern New South Wales. Australian Veterinary Journal 83(11) 688-694

McFadyen LM, Morris SG, McConchie CA, Oldham MA. (2005) Effect of hedging and tree removal on productivity of crowding macadamia orchards. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 45(6), 725-730

Fields of research

  • 010404 Applied Statistics

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Generalised linear models
  • Statistical programming
  • Biometrical consulting