HARDEN, Steven

Steven Harden

Research interests

  • Analysis using splines of repeated measures data coming from pasture trials
  • Comparing methods to determine cooking time of chickpeas


Steven joined the then Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (NSW DPI) in December 1989. He was employed as a biometrician’s assistant and then as a Technical Officer until 2001 when he obtained his current position as a Biometrician at the Tamworth Agricultural Institute (TAI). Work at Tamworth involves collaborating with researchers at TAI as well as at Narrabri, Armidale and Glen Innes. The researchers at these sites are involved in pastures research, meat science, soil science, entomology, chickpea quality and breeding programs. DPI’s in-house software “DIGGER” is used to produce efficient experimental designs for early generation selecting of chickpeas and durum wheat varieties.


  • B.Sc. (hons) – University of Canterbury (Christchurch NZ)
  • Grad Dip Econometrics – University of New England (Armidale)
  • Grad Dip Computing – Deakin University (Geelong)

Current projects

Steven has involvement in the following:

  • Trial designs for chickpea and durum wheat breeding
  • Carbon in soils of North West slopes and plains NSW
  • Standardisation of method to determine mean seed diameter via sieving
  • Lucerne breeding at TAI
  • Resistance to phytophthora in wild Cicer varieties of chickpea
  • Cooking time of chickpeas

Recent publications

Weaver TB, Hulugalle NR, Ghadiri H and Harden S (2013) Quality of drainage water under irrigated cotton in vertisols of the lower Namoi Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Irrigation and Drainage 62 107-114.

Wood JA, Knights EJ, Harden S and Choct M (2012) Milling performance and other quality traits affected by seed shape in isogenic lines of Desi chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). Journal of Agricultural Science 4 (10) 244-252.

Neal JS, Murphy SR, Harden S and Fulkerson WJ. 2012. Differences in soil water content between perennial and annual forages and crops grown under deficit irrigation and used by the dairy industry. Field Crops Research 137 148-162. 

McPhee MJ, Harden S, Robinson DL, Dicker RW and Oddy VH. 2012. Effects of backgrounding and finishing growth rates on P8 fat and intramuscular fat in Bos taurus steers. Animal Production Science 52 (5)  354-364.

Weaver TB, Ghadiri H, Hulugalle NR and Harden S (2012) Organochlorine pesticides in soil under irrigated cotton farming systems in Vertisols of the Namoi Valley, north-western New South Wales, Australia. Chemosphere 88 (3) 336-343.

Boschma SP, Crocker GJ, Lodge GM and Harden S (2011) Evaluation of pasture legumes in northern New South Wales, Australia. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 54 (3) 203-213.

Boschma SP, Lodge GM and Harden S (2011) Seasonal production of lucerne and other perennial legumes and herbs in a summer dominant rainfall zone. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 54 (2) 105-114.

Knights EJ, Wood JA and Harden S (2011) A gene influencing seed shape of desi type chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Plant Breeding 130 (2) 278-280.

Rhodes JW, Harden S, Spooner-Hart R, Anderson DL and Wheen G (2011) Effects of age, season and genetics on semen and sperm production in Apis mellifera drones. Apidologie 42 (1) 29-38.

Fields of research

010404 Applied Statistics

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Consulant biometrician

Contact details

Email: steven.harden@dpi.nsw.gov.au