Tim Weaver

Research interests

  • Crop Nutrition
  • Deep placement of nutrients.
  • Deep drainage determination using Chloride Mass balance Models
  • Movement of salts, nutrients and OCPs in Vertosols


Dr Tim Weaver is a Research Officer with NSW DPI and based at the Australian Cotton Research Institute at Narrabri.  Tim joined the Department in 1998 and has worked on a range of projects related to soil quality, soil drainage, profitability and crop rotations in cotton farming systems at the Narrabri institute. Tim has experience in minimum tillage systems and stubble retention systems in irrigated cotton farming systems. Tim completed a PhD in 2013 on estimating deep drainage and the movement of salt, nutrients and pesticides in Vertosols. Tim's research is focussed on crop nutrition in northern NSW.


  • B.Ed (Secondary), University of Sydney
  • B.Sc. (Agriculture) (Hons)  (Agronomy), University of Sydney
  • PhD (Soil Science), Griffith University, Queensland

Previous projects

  • Maintaining Profitability and Soil Quality in Cotton Farming Systems I and II
  • Effect of organic amendments on soil quality and profitability in cotton farming systems
  • Quantifying deep drainage using lysimetry
  • Quantifying effects of maize rotation on soil quality and nutrient availability on cotton growth and yield
  • Nutrient and salt leaching under cotton-vetch and continuous cotton rotations in a poorly structured Vertosol
  • Root turnover in cotton farming systems
  • Seasonal soil carbon dynamics in continuous cotton, cotton-wheat and cotton-corn rotations

Recent publications

Weaver TB, Hulugalle NR, Ghadiri H, Harden S (2013) Quality of drainage water under irrigated cotton in Vertisols of the lower Namoi valley, New South Wales, Australia. Irrigation and Drainage 62, 107-114.

Weaver TB, Ghadiri H, Hulugalle NR, Harden S (2012) Organochlorine pesticides in soil under irrigated cotton farming systems in Vertisols of the Namoi Valley, north-western New South Wales, Australia. Chemosphere 88, 336-343.

Weaver TB, Hulugalle NR, Ghadiri H (2012) Estimating drainage under Cotton with Chloride Mass Balance and an EM38. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 44, 1700-1707.

Weaver, T.B., Hulugalle, N., and Ghadiri, H. (2010). Estimating  deep drainage using an EM38 in horizontal mode. In 'Northern NSW ASSSI regional forum', 19th March 2010, UNE, Armidale. (Australian Soil Science Society Incorporated (ASSSI), Northern NSW Branch).

Weaver, T.B., Hulugalle, N.R., Ghadiri, H. (2005) Comparing  deep drainage estimated with transient and steady state assumptions in  irrigated Vertisols. Irrigation Science 23(4), 183-191.

Weaver, T.B., Hulugalle, N.R. & Ghadiri H (2004) Salt,  nutrient and pesticide leaching under a sodic Vertisol irrigated with  groundwater in north-west New South    Wales. In 'Conserving Soil and Water for Society: Sharing Solutions'. Proc. 13th International Soil Conservation Organisation Conference. (Eds. S.R. Raine, A.J.W. Biggs, N.W. Menzies, D.M. Freebairn and P.E. Tolmie). 4-9th July, Brisbane. ASSSI/IECA. Paper 726. 4 pp.

Weaver, T.B., Hulugalle, N., and Ghadiri, H. (2004). Deep  Drainage under irrigated cotton farming systems in New South Wales estimated with the chloride  mass balance method. Proc. 12th Australian Cotton Conference, 10-12 August 2004, Brisbane, Qld., Australia. (Australian Cotton Grower's Research Association, Orange, NSW, Australia). [CD-ROM].

Weaver, T.B., Hulugalle, N.R. & Ghadiri, H. (2004) Comparing  deep drainage estimated with transient and steady state models in irrigated  Vertisols. In 'Hydrology: Science and Practice for the 21st Century, Vol. II', Proc. British Hydrological Society International Conference. (Eds. B. Webb, M. Acreman, C. Maksimovic, H. Smithers and C. Kirby). 12-16th July, London. British Hydrological Society, London, UK. pp. 168-176.

Professional associations and activities

  • Soil Science Australia

Fields of research (ANZ standard research classification)

  • 050399 Soil Sciences
  • 050305 Soil Physics
  • 070107 Farming Systems Research
  • 070306 Crop and Pasture Nutrition
  • 070302 Agronomy
  • 079902 Fertilisers and Agrochemicals (Application etc.)

Keywords/phrase list of research interests

  • Crop nutrition
  • Agriculture
  • Farming systems
  • Agronomy
  • Soil physics
  • Chemistry