Yohannes Alemseged

Research interests

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Managing Climate Variability
  • Grazing Systems Evaluation
  • Pasture Growth Modelling


Yohannes is a Rangelands Research Officer with New South Wales Department of Primary Industries based at the Trangie Agricultural Research Centre. He joined New South Wales Agriculture* as a Technical Officer in 1998 and was appointed as a Rangelands Research Officer in 2002.

As a Technical Officer within the CRC for Weed Management Systems, he led a team that undertook a nation-wide weed survey to study the distribution and abundance of major weed species. He is currently involved in several projects that are geared to the management of rangelands in New South Wales including managing climate variability and controlling the spread of Invasive Native Scrub (INS).

*NSW Department of Primary Industries was formed on July 1, 2004 through an amalgamation of NSW Agriculture, NSW Fisheries, State Forests of NSW and the NSW Department of Mineral Resources.


  • BSc. Agr. (Addis Ababa University)
  • Grad. Diploma (UNSW)
  • MAppSc. (UNSW)
  • Ph.D. (UNSW)

Current projects

  • Managing Climate Variability
  • Grazing management of perennial grasslands
  • Development of stocking decision tools
  • Controlling Invasive Native Scrub

Recent publications

Alemseged Y, Hacker RB, Hayman PT, Carberry PM and Henry BK (2004) Improved Seasonal forecasts for wool producers in western NSW. Proceedings of the 13th biennial conference, Alice Springs 5th-8th July 2004.

Jones RE, Vere DT, Alemseged Y and Medd RW (2004) Estimating the economic cost of weeds in Australian annual winter crops. Agricultural Economic 32, 253-265

Alemseged Y, Kemp DR, King GW, Michalk DL, and Goodacre M (2003) The influence of grazing management on the competitiveness, persistence and productivity of chicory (Cichorium intybis L.). Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 43, 127-133

Alemseged Y, Kemp DR and King GW (2001) Nitrogen supply and the establishment and productivity of chicory (Cichcrium intybus L.) based pastures. Proceedings of the 10th Australian Agronomy Conference.

Alemseged Y, Jones R, and Medd R (2000) A farmer survey of weed management and herbicide resistance problems of winter cropping in Australia. Plant Protection Quarterly 16(1) pp 21-25

Jones RE, Alemseged Y, Medd RW and Vere D (2000) The distribution, density and economic impact of weeds in the Australian annual winter cropping systems. CRC Weed Management Systems Technical Series No. 4.

Alemseged Y, Jones R, and Medd R (1999) A survey of weeds of winter crops in Australia. Proceedings 12th Australian weed conference, 349-350.

Kemp DR, King WMcG, Michalk DL, and Alemseged Y (1999) Weed-proofing pastures: How can we go about it? Proceedings 12th Australian weed conference, 138-143.

Alemseged Y, King GW, Coppock LR and Tothill JC (1996) A preliminary investigation of the potential for maize-legume intercropping in the semi-arid area of Sidamo region, Ethiopia. I Maize response. South African Journal of Plant and Soil 13: (4) 120-124

Alemseged Y, King GW, Coppock LR and Tothill JC (1996) A preliminary investigation of the potential for maize-legume intercropping in the semi-arid area of Sidamo region, Ethiopia. II Legume response. South African Journal of Plant and Soil, 13: (4) 125-123

Alemseged Y, Kemp D, Michalk D and Millar G (1995) Chicory based Pastures for the Central Tablelands of NSW. Proceedings of the annual Autumn Seminar Central Branch, Grassland Society of NSW, 24-25.

Professional associations and activities

  • Australian Rangeland Society
  • The Grassland Society of NSW

Fields of research

  • 050209 Natural Resource Management
  • 050102 Ecosystem Function
  • 0500103 Invasive Species Ecology

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

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