Soil testing

Our role

Soil is the most important resource in agriculture. Understanding and maintaining the health of your soils will provide you with a foundation for sustainable agriculture and increased productivity. The diagnostic services provided by NSW DPI laboratory services can assist you in maintaining the health of your soil.

Our soil testing laboratory at Wollongbar Primary Industries Institute is NATA-accredited and independent, giving you consistent, reliable results.

Why should I have my soil tested?

Getting a snapshot of the chemical properties of your soil and monitoring soil property changes is valuable to farmers and land managers because it will assist with making decisions that can:

  • lead to better yield, produce quality and overall profitability
  • over time, enrich the soils in your pastures making the land more arable for the next generation.

Subsidy for Soils Testing

The Federal Government’s 2021/22 Budget announced $196.9 million over four years as part of the National Soil Strategy.

To inform the National Soil Strategy, the Federal Government will offer payment to registered farmers and land managers to undertake comprehensive soil testing in exchange for sharing their data with the program. It is anticipated this scheme will be open by the end of 2021.

You can register your interest in the Federal Government's program and our laboratory services team will contact you when the scheme opens.

Alternatively, if your soil testing needs to be done before the end of 2021, view our full range of soil testing services which we can arrange for you right now.

Call the laboratory services team on 1800 675 623 or (02) 6626 1103 to order your soil test.