Farrer Memorial Trust Medal recipients and orations

Farrer Memorial Medal

The Farrer Memorial Medal is awarded annually to perpetuate the memory of William James Farrer.

Due to the age and archival nature of these documents, some do not meet current accessibility requirements.

Please note: The Farrer medal was not awarded from 1939 to 1942, and 1945.

2017 Farrer Memorial Medal

The 2017 Farrer Memorial Medal has been awarded to Dr John Kirkegaard for sustainable agriculture research.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Director General and Farrer Memorial Trust Chairman, Scott Hansen congratulated Dr Kirkegaard on receiving this prestigious award in recognition of his distinguished service focused on understanding soil-plant interactions to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability of dryland farming systems.

“Dr Kirkegaard’s extensive and distinguished career with CSIRO is providing significant agricultural research that has led to many benefits for Australia’s farmers,” Mr Hansen said.

Dr John Kirkegaard with Farrer Memorial Trustees
Dr John Kirkegaard with DPIs Chief Scientist Dr Philip Wright
Kirkegaard providing his 2017 oration
Farrer Memorial Trust medal
Dr John Kirkegaard with Farrer Memorial Trustees
Dr John Kirkegaard with DPIs Chief Scientist Dr Philip Wright
Kirkegaard providing his 2017 oration
Farrer Memorial Trust medal

List of medal recipients and orations

Dr John Kirkegaard: Farming Systems Agronomy - it is rocket science2017 2017PDF, 492.7 KB
Mr Ted Knights: Chickpea in Australia - Our debt to visionaries and toilers past and present2016 2017PDF, 112.7 KB
Dr Joe Panozzo: Will current plant breeding for grain‐quality traits be applicable in a changing environment?2015 2016-04-27PDF, 231.2 KB
Dr Elizabeth Dennis: Arabidopsis and Agriculture- What can we learn about Hybrid Vigour?2014 2016-04-27PDF, 1.1 MB
Mr A Inglis AM: A Farrer Legacy – Innovation through collaboration2013 2016-04-27PDF, 183.1 KB
Prof G Hammer: Navigating biological complexity – The challenge for the new era of crop improvement2012 2016-04-27PDF, 468.9 KB
Dr C R Wellings: The stripe rust race: from state to nation to world2011 2016-04-27PDF, 100.3 KB
Prof M Poole: Australian crop production – A story of ongoing adaptation and Innovation2010 2016-04-27PDF, 99.7 KB
Dr R J Mailer: The Good Oil 2009 2016-04-27PDF, 147.9 KB
Prof P Cocks: Climate change - a failure of democracy?2008 2016-04-27PDF, 1.1 MB
Dr T Fischer AM: Improvements in wheat yield: Farrer, physiology and functional genomics2007 2016-04-27PDF, 672.8 KB
Prof J A G Irwin: Lucerne genetics and breeding2006 2016-04-27PDF, 356.9 KB
Dr J Williams: Sustainable agriculture in Australia - some ways forward2005 2016-04-27PDF, 920.9 KB
Dr B Clements: Shaking windows; rattling walls2004 2016-04-27PDF, 330.4 KB
Dr L Lewin: Rice in Australia - an example of cooperative effort 2003 2016-04-27PDF, 387.7 KB
Mr W A Vertigan: Combating the Enemy2000 2016-04-27PDF, 222.8 KB
Dr W J Peacock: Farrer and further1999 2016-04-27PDF, 911.4 KB
Mr M N Kinsella: Sustaining horticulture through quarantine1998 2016-04-27PDF, 388.9 KB
Mr T J Flugge: Innovations in agricultural product marketing - The Australian wheat industry's experience1997 2016-04-27PDF, 147.1 KB
Prof C D Blake: Charles Sturt: A University for the 21st Century1996 2016-04-27PDF, 323.9 KB
Mr E N Fitzpatrick: Opportunity and responsibility - The challenge of natural resource management1995 2016-04-27PDF, 689.4 KB
Dr B S Fisher: Global climate change policy: Implications for Australia and Australian agriculture1994 2016-04-27PDF, 552.3 KB
Dr D E Smiles: A vision and a challenge for agricultural science1993 2016-04-27PDF, 266.0 KB
Dr E F Henzell: Limits to development: Prospects for Australian agriculture1992 2016-04-27PDF, 623.7 KB
Prof J W Longworth: Sustainability and agricultural education1991 2016-04-27PDF, 620.8 KB
Dr D H B Sparrow: In the shadow of wheat1990 2016-04-27PDF, 408.0 KB
Dr M H Campbell: Extending the frontiers of aerially sown pastures1989 2016-04-27PDF, 122.9 KB
Dr A N Smith: Terra incognita1988 2016-04-27PDF, 566.6 KB
Prof J L Dillon: Population, resources & food: The world between today and tomorrow 1987 2016-04-27PDF, 681.9 KB
Dr D E Byth: Tropical crop legume improvement - A matter of adaptation1986 2016-04-27PDF, 719.4 KB
Dr C M Francis: Conservation of plant genetic resources - A continuing saga1985 2016-04-27PDF, 684.8 KB
Dr W V Single: Frost injury and the physiology of the wheat plant1984 2016-04-27PDF, 685.7 KB
Dr J R Syme: Working with the world for plant improvement 1983 2016-04-27PDF, 829.6 KB
Prof J P Quirk: A land gleaming with furrows – wheat production in Australia 1982 2016-04-27PDF, 606.3 KB
Mr N F Derera: The harmful harvest rain 1981 2016-04-27PDF, 670.7 KB
Mr R H Martin: In Farrer's footsteps1980 2016-04-27PDF, 607.1 KB
Dr L T Evans: Response to challenge – William Farrer and the making of wheats1979 2016-04-27PDF, 1.4 MB
Mr W Ives: The development of agricultural policy in the Australian Federation1978 2016-04-27PDF, 904.7 KB
Dr D J McDonald: Rice and its adaptation to world environments1977 2016-04-27PDF, 1.2 MB
Dr R A McIntosh: The genetics of wheat and wheat rusts since Farrer1976 2016-04-27PDF, 948.5 KB
Dr J S Gladstones: Legumes and Australian agriculture1975 2016-04-27PDF, 1.1 MB
Dr H Newton Turner: Hidden treasure: Genetic diversity in plants and animals 1974 2016-04-27PDF, 1.1 MB
Dr D F Waterhouse: Insects and wheat in Australia1973 2016-04-27PDF, 905.9 KB
Prof J M Vincent: Nitrogen from microbes1972 2016-04-27PDF, 1.0 MB
Mr E E Bond: Wheat quality – yesterday, today and tomorrow1971 2016-04-27PDF, 678.2 KB
Dr J Melville: The agricultural dilemma1970 2016-04-27PDF, 935.0 KB
Mr C S Christan: Land resources and land research1969 2016-04-27PDF, 1.2 MB
Dr E M Hutton: Australia's pasture legumes1968 2016-04-27PDF, 1.5 MB
Prof E J Underwood: Man, land and food1967 2016-04-27PDF, 631.7 KB
Dr G Edgar: Australian agriculture in the port war era1966 2016-04-27PDF, 896.4 KB
Prof J R A McMillan: Water, agricultural production and world population1965 2016-04-27PDF, 1.4 MB
Prof C M Donald: The progress of Australian agriculture and the role of pastures in environmental change1964 2016-04-27PDF, 949.4 KB
Prof R N Robertson: Phytotrons, spectrophotometers and productivity1963 2016-04-27PDF, 445.2 KB
Dr O H Frankel: The social responsibility of agricultural science1962 2016-04-27PDF, 505.9 KB
Prof H C Forster: The potential for agricultural settlement in the Northern Territory1961 2016-04-27PDF, 598.6 KB
Mr H J Geddes: The storage and use of irrigation water on the individual holding 1960 2016-04-27PDF, 1.7 MB
Dr R J Noble: Agriculture and the United Nations1959 2016-04-27PDF, 1.8 MB
Dr I A Watson: The present status of breeding disease resistant wheats in Australia 1958 2016-04-27PDF, 2.2 MB
Mr J G Crawford: Economics – The nation and the individual1957 2016-04-27PDF, 968.4 KB
Mr A F Bell: Science services for primary industry1956 2016-04-27PDF, 908.0 KB
Mr E A Southee: Practice with science1955 2016-04-27PDF, 896.5 KB
Dr A R Callaghan: Quality in the Australian wheat crop1954 2016-04-27PDF, 745.6 KB
Mr A T Pugsley: Genetics in the service of agriculture1953 2016-04-27PDF, 484.6 KB
Mr B T Dickson: Three notable developments in agriculture1952 2016-04-27PDF, 510.1 KB
Prof L J H Teakle: The role of nitrogen in soil fertility1951 2016-04-27PDF, 195.1 KB
Prof R D Watt: Some Benefactors of Australian agriculture1950 2016-04-27PDF, 634.7 KB
Prof W L Waterhouse: Some aspects of the wheat rust problem1949 2016-04-27PDF, 201.2 KB
Prof J A Prescott: Our advancing knowledge of soil fertility1948 2016-04-27PDF, 631.6 KB
Prof S M Wadham: Adjustment in agricultural development1947 2016-04-27PDF, 422.5 KB
Mr H Wenholz: Farrer oration 19461946 2016-04-27PDF, 345.3 KB
Mr T J Pridham: Farrer oration 19441944 2016-04-27PDF, 275.3 KB
Dr S L Macindoe: Science and a batter way of life for farmers1943 2016-04-27PDF, 424.2 KB
Dr W L Waterhouse: Some aspects of the life and work of Farrer1938 2016-04-27PDF, 199.7 KB
Dr G L Sutton: William James Farrer 1845–1906 1937 2016-04-27PDF, 248.7 KB
Rt Hon J A Lyons: The 1st Farrer Oration1936 2016-04-27PDF, 102.4 KB