Prograze - Profitable, sustainable grazing


Prograze aims to develop beef cattle and sheep producers’, and those who service these industries, skills in pasture and animal assessment and assist them identify ways to use these skills to improve their grazing management decisions.

Prograze deals specifically with the interaction of pasture and livestock and the impact each can have on the other. It deals with the management issues associated with this interaction.

Due to the importance of environmental sustainability Prograze also emphasises the role pastures and pasture
management have in addressing these problems.

Topics include:

  • Production, profit and sustainability
  • Pasture assessment
  • Livestock production from pasture
  • Introduction to Grazfeed®/Production targeting
  • Sheep breeding package
  • Cattle breeding package
  • Pastures and grazing
  • Fodder budgeting and grazing for worm control
  • Putting it together
  • Appendices


Ninth Edition

Published: Mar 2017