Winter crop variety sowing guide


The aim of this annually updated guide is to help grain growers and their advisers make better cropping decisions and higher profits from winter crops.

Profit depends on choosing the most suitable variety for each paddock and sowing time, optimising tactical crop management to achieve the chosen variety’s yield potential, and matching the end product of both variety choice and management to available markets.

Complex modern technology, fluctuating markets and the vagaries of seasonal conditions also affect your decision making, contributing to the winter crop producer’s need for careful planning and management to optimise productivity and profitability.

Carefully consider the range of information contained in this guide, how it can be applied to your farm business, and consult your local agronomist or farm adviser for more specific advice.

Crop variety performance data

The yearly and regional mean values presented in the guide have been extracted from the NVT database and values are only shown for a variety when the variety was present at sites in that year. The yearly or regional mean results shown in the Winter crop variety sowing guide are not adjusted for trial accuracy or VAF values.

On the NVT website (, within the ‘Long term yield reporter’ web tool, you are able to filter on accuracy and VAF. The default accuracy and VAF values on the NVT long term yield reporter web tool are set at  ≥0.8 and  ≥50% respectively. Users can change the default values of accuracy and VAF filters in the web tool, depending on their risk acceptance, under the ‘Advanced’ tab on the web tool. Definitions of the filters ‘Accuracy’ and ‘VAF’ can be found within the web tool.

The regional mean yields shown in the guide are average varietal performances across trial locations within each year or region. This averaging can mask the variety by environment interaction; that is, the ability of a variety to yield differently at each location across seasons (years). For growers and agronomists wishing to further interrogate the NVT results on a variety’s performance across the state, go to the NVT website.

Updates in the electronic version of the Winter crop variety sowing guide since its release include:

LongReach Mustang root lesion nematode (P. thornei) tolerance rating – MT–MI

DS Pascal quality classification for northern NSW – Australian Hard

DS Faraday quality classification for southern NSW – Australian Prime Hard.

For an accessible version, please contact Peter Matthews:


Published: 20 Apr 2020