Growing low THC hemp under licence in NSW - Frequently asked questions


THC (tetrahyrdocannabinol) is the psychoactive (mind altering) chemical compound found at high levels in marijuana and at very low levels in hemp.

This Primefact includes the following topics:

  • what is low-THC hemp?
  • how is low-THC hemp different from marijuana?
  • do I need a licence to grow low-THC hemp in NSW?
  • how can I get a licence to cultivate or supply low-THC hemp?
  • how does the licensing scheme operate?
  • what is the best time to apply for a licence?
  • can anyone get a licence?
  • why might a licence application be refused?
  • if a licence application is refused, is the application fee refundable?
  • is there a limit to the number of licences that can be issued?
  • is there a limit to the area that can be sown under a licence?
  • what are the low-THC licensing costs?
  • what conditions apply to a licence?
  • once I have a licence can I grow low-THC hemp anywhere I want?
  • do I need to own the property where I propose to grow low-THC hemp?
  • what is legitimate low-THC hemp seed?
  • can I buy low-THC seed from overseas?
  • will I need to keep records of activities conducted under the licence?
  • how is the crop sampled to check THC levels?
  • can livestock graze low-THC hemp crop residues?
  • who is responsible for controlling volunteer low-THC hemp for human consumption?
  • is there any any information about growing low-THC hemp?
  • can I produce medicinal marijuana under the Hemp Industry Act 2008 licence?
  • can I supply therapeutic products produced from low-THC hemp cultivated under a Hemp Industry Act 2008 licence?
  • can I produce extracts of low-THC hemp for non-therapeutic use?


Primefact 841 Third Edition

Published: Jan 2019