Rice variety guide 2021–22


Recommended sowing dates have been changed to better reflect the maturities of the current varieties, so please check and sow within the revised sowing windows.

Growing the right varieties will have an impact on your farm's productivity and profitability.

The most recent average yield for each variety in each region (Table 1) will help you to plan a budget estimate.

Grain yields of each variety relative to ReiziqAhave been included this year (Table 2a and 2b) from agronomic experiments carried out in commercial fields in both valleys and different sowing methods.

The characteristics for each variety (Table 4) will assist you to determine the most suitable varieties for your farming agronomic situation.

Rice variety maturity and recommended sowing/first flush dates 2021–2022 are presented in (Table 3).

Recommended sowing rates are suggested in (Table 5).

This factsheet compilation is reviewed each year by NSW DPI researchers to incorporate current commercial and research experience of the performance of each variety available for commercial production in south-eastern Australia.

Topics in this Primefact include:

  • important management of practices
  • variety characteristics
  • recommended sowing rates.

This document is not fully accessible. For further information please contact David Troldahl david.troldahl@dpi.nsw.gov.au


Published: 22 Oct 2021