Rice plant population guidelines


Rice growers should aim to achieve a plant population in the range of 100 to 300 plants/m 2 for all sowing methods. This provides a buffer before grain yield declines should establishment problems occur.

No difference in grain yield was observed for plant populations between 40 and 700 plants/m 2 in research where a direct comparison between plant population and grain yield was measured at over 800 sites.

High grain yields can be achieved with plant populations below 40 plants/m 2 , but there is a declining trend in yield with decreasing plant population. At low plant populations it becomes increasingly important that plants are evenly spaced for grain yield to be maintained.

Topics include:

  • lower plant population limit
  • measuring plant number when establishment is poor
  • upper plant population limit
  • row spacing for drill sown rice
  • recommended sowing rates


Primefact 1476 First Edition

Published: 01 Jul 2016