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Further information about the Alkaloid Poppy Licence Manual

Cultivation of alkaloid poppies for therapeutic purposes in New South Wales is a highly regulated activity.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) regulates the cultivation, processing and movement of alkaloid poppy material in NSW under the Poppy Industry Act 2016 (the Act).

Alkaloid poppy growers must establish and maintain ongoing contracting with their licensed poppy processor and maintain a valid licence with the Department of Primary Industries. Processors seeking to be licenced by DPI must have evidence of the arrangements for the use of all alkaloid poppy material, including appropriate licences for research, export or manufacture. There are strict licence conditions that cultivators and processors must comply with to protect the community and maintain the integrity of the industry.

Any participant in alkaloid poppy production, who does not comply, is risking the future of the poppy industry in both New South Wales and Australia. There are high penalties for non-compliance, including fines of up to $11,000 for individuals or $55,000 for corporations, and imprisonment of up to 1 year.

Further information around cultivation of alkaloid poppies can be found in the Alkaloid Poppy Licence Manual (PDF, 391.18 KB).