Citrus budget handbook and Excel spreadsheets

Budget handbook

The 2018 citrus budget handbook is a compilation of citrus gross margins and 20 year development budgets. The budgets can  help you assess opportunities to expand or invest into a citrus orchard.  The budget handbook includes sensitivity analysis on yield and fruit price, this helps you assess the risk of changes in productivity or fruit price. 

The development budgets analyse the following enterprises:

  • Navel oranges (domestic and export)
  • Valencia oranges
  • Imperial mandarins
  • Afourer mandarins
  • Reworking navel oranges

The Afourer budgets also provide an short analysis on seedless and blemish reduction management strategies; Drape netting, over head netting and private seedless varieties.

The budgets try to describe the average scenario however it is recognised that differences between regions (input costs and fruit prices) and production techniques can significantly change results. To help you account for these differences the Excel spreadsheets used to develop the budgets are provided below so you can make customised budgets to suit your situation.

Citrus Budget Handbook 2018
PDF, 1.7 MB

Excel budget spreadsheets

Download procedure - IMPORTANT

The following zip file contains spreadsheets that calculates citrus development budgets presented in the budget handbook. You can modify the spreadsheets inputs to suit your circumstances. There a four main spreadsheets being Washington Navel, Valencia oranges and reworked Afourer mandarins.

There is one spreadsheet named "citrus budget prices" that contains all of the input prices used all budgets.  Input costs include; chemicals, fertiliser, machinery, labour, irrigation, harvest and more. You can modify the prices of goods and services in this spreadsheet. The citrus budget prices is linked to all budget spreadsheet, therefore updating this sheet will update the prices of inputs for all linked budgets. Please note the prices could be out of date and you need to update the spreadsheet with current prices.

  1. Create a new folder on your computer and name it Citrus budget (or any other name to your preference).
  2. Download the zip file below and save it into the folder you just created.
  3. Open the zip file from the Citrus budget folder.
  4. Extract the spreadsheets so that they are all saved together in the Citrus budget folder.
  5. Open the citrus-budget-prices.xls file first. Do no change the name of this spreadsheet (changing the name will break links)
  6. Then open up the spreadsheet you wish to use (i.e. DB - S Navel mid pr.xlsm).
  7. After it opens, immediately press the Save button to save the link.
2018 citrus budget Excel sheet 7-4
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