Citrus phone app: Citrus almanac on the phone

A NSW DPI citrus phone app will soon be available that will provide a one-stop-shop of condensed relevant citrus technical and industry information in an easily usable and accessible small screen mobile phone format. It is a mechanism to disseminate technical information and project results to industry. The core information is stored on the phone and is available for offline use, negating those frustrating mobile drop outs and black spots with no mobile coverage.

The main information presented in the app includes:

  • identifying and managing pests (insects, diseases and weeds) and their control
  • production information (nutrition, foliar sprays, best management practices and techniques etc.)
  • tools (e.g. Harvest prediction tool) and research (i.e. abstracts of selected relevant research)
  • events and general news (field days, training sessions etc.).

Insect pests, diseases and disorders will be a key feature. Users will be able to:

  • visually identify the pest through a number of categorised thumbnail images
  • filter for pests in Queensland, the southern states of Australia and overseas
  • search for specific pests.

The user can make pictures and text larger or smaller via a zoom button to help with any vision issues. The first version will be loaded with a limited number of pests and then updated week by week. The app will update automatically and you will be notified when a new pest or other piece of information is added.

Once the pest is identified, users will be able to choose management options as the app will be loaded with a data file of registered chemicals for citrus pests and present the registered chemical control applications where necessary. It will initially be loaded with the NSW chemical list and plans are to upgrade to other states in the future.

The first test release will be available in the new year for those with Google phones; Apple phones will follow soon after. For growers interested in testing out the app please contact Steven Falivene and instructions will be emailed on how to download and install the app.