Gall wasp project update - 2018 12 : Emergence & egg hatch prediction tool

Interactive online phenology tools for citrus gall wasp

Dr Jianhua Mo and Andrew Creek, December 2018

An interactive online tool has been developed as a recent outcome from an industry supported project lead by NSW DPI. The citrus gall wasp tool will predict hatching and emergence of the wasp.

The citrus gall wasp tool predicts when adult wasps will emerge from the galls, based on your chosen regional weather station. More importantly, the tool also predicts peak egg hatching. This will enable growers to accurately time systemic chemical control for the wasp. Five seasons’ of monitoring data from the Sunraysia and Riverina were used to develop the tool.

Figure 1 is a screen shot of the ‘Predicted dates’ panel. The tool calculates predicted dates of adult emergence and egg hatching in the current season based on your local weather data. Users of the tool also have the option to view the following:

  • description: an information section about the citrus gall wasp
  • current status: a panel that shows the progression toward the target degree days when peak adult emergence will occur
  • previous records: a panel that shows the dates of adult emergence and egg hatching in previous years.

Prediction tool link

A trial version of the CGW prediction tool can be found at the shiny apps website.


If you have any feedback on this tool, please send it to Jianhua Mo at or call him on 02 6951 2537.

Screen shot of gall wasp tool