Managing waste water from intensive horticulture: a wetland system


Minimising the impact on the environment from intensive farming operations was a 2 year project jointly funded by NSW DPI (then NSW Agriculture) and The Natural Heritage Trust. The project was set up in order to increase the awareness of nutrient loaded waste water in greenhouse horticulture and other intensive horticultural industries,

A key part of the project was the construction of a practical and simple approach to managing nutrient loaded waste water. A demonstration wetland system was built at the National Centre for Greenhouse Horticulture.

An overview of the system is given in this Agnote in English, Arabic, Cantonese and Vietnamese. This Agnote defines 'waste water' and explains why it can be a problem. It discusses waste water in hydroponic and soil production systems and ways to treat waste water.


Agfact DPI-381 Second Edition

Published: Nov 2002

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