Hops - a guide for new growers


DPI in collaboration with the Batlow Fruit Co-operative Limited has produced the first edition Hops - a guide for new growers to support the development of a hops industry in NSW.

The guide provides upcoming hop growers with basic information about hop production to help kick start their enterprise.

The publication is the culmination of two educational study tours to the USA and New Zealand, combined with field observations in the Batlow hop yard and a significant amount of desktop research.

The guide is a product of the Batlow Hops Diversification Project, funded by the Australian Government through the Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program.

Topics covered in the first edition guide include:

  • Botany and origins
  • Site selection
  • Varieties and propagation
  • Hopyard design and establishment
  • Management
  • Harvesting, processing and marketing
  • Hop growing resources


First Edition

Published: Mar 2017