Origin East Malling and John Innes, England.
Northern Spy × M.1 (1920s).
Description Leaf: large, flat, leathery and rather glossy, veins underneath are pinkish.
Shape: ovate, tip attenuate, base obtuse.
Margin: neatly serrated.
Stipules: prominent, elliptical, slightly serrated.
Shoot: young is profusely hairy, two-year wood dull green.
Vigour Semi-vigorous, similar to M.7.
Propagation Very productive in stool bed, roots readily from hardwood cuttings with bottom heat and hormone dip.
Resistance Susceptible to various strains of collar rot. Susceptible to mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha). Resistant to woolly aphid.
Uses Precocious, heavy cropping, reasonable anchorage. Suitable for semi-intensive plantings on well-drained sites with most new varieties.
AppearanceMM.106 branch  MM.106 leaf 

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