Red strains - lateral bearers

Delicious Hi Early

Harrold Red

Limb sport of Starking, 1954, Wayne Harrold, Zillah, Washington, USA. Striped red overall,otherwise similar to ordinary Delicious; maybe a day or so earlier.

Hi Early

(Shown at right) Whole tree sport of Starking, 1945, George W. Neff, Pateros, Washington,USA. Striped red overall, otherwise similar to ordinary Delicious.

Red strains - spur bearers

Oregon Spur 2

Patented by ANFIC. Van Well variety, USA. An early and heavy cropper. Large, very‘typey’ shape, very early colouring with high colour and pronounced stripe,creamy white flesh without yellow tinge, juicy, firm, crisp, matures a little later thanlateral bearers.

Oregon Spur

Patented by Flemings. Limb sport of Red King, 1964, Wayne Trumbull, Milton-Freewater,Oregon, USA. It can runt out if overcropped, slightly more vigorous than Red Chief,precocious, attractive early colour, starchy at harvest but flavour improves after shortcoldstore; susceptible to mouldy core.

Delicious Starkrimson

Red Chief

Patented by Flemings. Limb sport of Starkrimson, 1966, Fred Campbell, Othello, Washington,USA. Less vigour than Starkrimson or Oregon Spur, precocious, solid red overall with slight stripe, attractive, not as dark as Starkrimson; can sometimes get russet; matures abit later than laterals, but before Starkrimson.


(Shown at right) Whole tree sport of Starking, 1953, R. A. Bisbee, Hood River, Oregon, USA.Usually long and ‘typey’ shape. Solid crimson overall, can be almost black,especially with young trees. May have a slight stripe. One of the most susceptible Delicious strains to russet in some seasons. Greenish white flesh. Matures later than most lateral bearers.

Origin Chance seedling, J. Hiatt, Peru, Iowa, USA, about 1880.
Tree Medium vigour.
Disease and pest status Susceptible to scab and woolly aphid, some resistance to powdery mildew.
Chilling requirement High, more than Granny Smith.
Blossom and pollination Mid season.
Granny Smith, Jonathan, Bonza. All red strains flower at about the same time but will not cross-pollinate each other.
Fruit shape Medium, tall conical with five crowns.
Skin and flesh Striped red on 25–50% of surface.
Firm, crisp and juicy.
Harvest and yield Mid March.
Heavy yield; can be biennial if overcropped or after no crop.
Storage Long storage, over 12 months in controlled atmosphere (CA), as for the red and spur strains.

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.12 Apple varieties.