OriginJapan (1972), P.pyrifolia, Yakumo x Kosui.
TreeVigorous, upright, susceptible to fire blight. Broad ovate leaf with attenuate tip, small neat serrations.
Chilling requirementModerate.
Blossom and pollination

Mid to late season. Chojuro, Shinseiki, Yakumo, Kosui, Nijiseiki. NOT Shinsui.

Fruit shapeRound oblate, medium large.
Skin and fleshYellowish green clear skin, does mark easily. Fair to good eating quality, juicy and sweet, excellent texture, medium sugar and acid.
HarvestRipens similar or slightly earlier than Kosui, early, 115-125 days after full bloom
StoragePoor to medium storage.

Nashi Hakko

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.14 Nashi asian pear varieties.