OriginKorea, P .pyrifolia, Kikuchi x Kimizukawase (Japan 1965).
TreeMedium vigour, upright, poor production. Large broad oval leaf with attenuate tip, fairly coarse serrations.
Chilling requirementHigh.
Blossom and pollination

Mid season, abundant pollen, self-incompatible, cross incompatible with Haeng Soo.

Fruit shapeUniform oblate, lopsided.
Skin and fleshPale yellow brown, tender, russeted, lenticels conspicuous. Very good quality, white, sweet, crisp, less aromatic, coarse and pulpy with less stone cells than Shin Go, soluble solids 12%.
HarvestEarly, 110-115 days after full bloom, after Haeng Soo.
StorageShort to medium, 15-20 days.

Nashi Shin Soo

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.14 Nashi asian pear varieties.