2006 & 2011 ABS Agricultural census data

Agricultural statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census and employment data captures statistical information that enables agricultural industry profiles to be developed. The following links provide information about the states dominant agricultural commodities inn the 2006 and 2011 census. (Note: The regional boundary is defined by the ABS statistical division boundary).

The following information can be used to give an overview of agriculture production within a specified area. The information can:

  • assist in planning for existing and future agricultural industries
  • provide evidence to support industry decision making
  • contribute towards regional economic development planning
  • strengthen annual reporting documents

To enable comparison between areas, the gross value of agricultural production has been used. These figures are based on appointing a dollar value to an amount of commodity, giving an indication of the importance of the agricultural industry. The figures are estimates taken at the ‘farmgate’ and do not include the flow-on contribution of agriculture to the broader economy (e.g. food processing or manufacturing industries).

Agricultural production data

The link below is an interactive spreadsheet which can be used to compare agricultural production between Local Government Areas and a Statistical Division (SD) or NSW. These values are represented as a dollar value and as a percentage and are presented in both a table and a graph format.

Data from the 2006 and 2011 census is captured within this spreadsheet.

Data from the 2001 and 2006 census is captured within this spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet also includes some summary data of the number of stock, hectares of produce, area of holdings and number of people employed in the agriculture industry. This can be useful when determining socio-economic trends for a particular area.

All endeavours have been made to tally ABS Statistical Data tables however there may be small anomalies which do not completely reconcile with ABS totals.

Agricultural commodity profile reports

Profile reports, from the 2006 census, have been prepared for the Sydney region and NSW that document the trends across Local Government Areas (LGA) and regional statistical divisions for major agricultural commodities. These reports provide a clear summary of the size, value and distribution of the main agricultural commodities in NSW.

Employment locations in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

These maps are based on the ABS 2006 Place of Work (POW) data.

The address of each employed person's main place of work, in the week prior to Census Night, is used to code to a Destination Zone.

Destination Zones are designed by State and Territory Transport Authorities (STAs) who use this data to analyse transport patterns assist in planning for transport systems. The employment density maps demonstrate where full-time employment in the agriculture, fisheries or forestry industries occurs in NSW and Sydney.

Source - Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Tables:

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