Organic material audit for north west NSW


This is a reconnaissance level audit to provide background information for future strategic investigations for activities that could use organic material supplies in the north west region of New South Wales.

The study used Statistical Local Areas as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as a basis for reporting (noting that the SLAs are closely aligned to local government areas).

This audit was undertaken utilising data from the following organic material sectors:

  • Agricultural crops, and intensive animal facilities (such as feedlots and dairies)
  • Secondary food (such as abattoirs) and fibre processing
  • Forestry and wood processing
  • Urban material.

The report provides a broad sector analysis based on Statistical Local Areas (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006) and helps identify the major sources of organic waste material across these areas and in the region. It provides a guide to the major sources that may warrant further investigation.


Published: 01 Dec 2012