Inoculating and pelleting pasture legume seed


All legumes used in agriculture can use atmospheric nitrogen after it is ‘fixed’ inside nodules on their roots by a soil bacterium, Rhizobium. The rhizobia receive growth substances from the legume, and the legume receives nitrogen compounds for its growth from the rhizobia. That is, the rhizobia and the legume plant live together in a symbiotic or mutually beneficial relationship.

This primefact includes:

  • Is inoculation necessary?
  • Effective or ineffective nodulation?
  • Inoculant preparation and quality
  • Inoculant groups
  • Methods of inoculating seed
  • Lime pelleting
  • Characteristics of a good pellet
  • Adding molybdenum at inoculation
  • Re-inoculating seed
  • Environmental factors affecting the survival of Rhizobia
  • Compatibility of Rhizobia with agrochemicals; and
  • Inoculation failure


Primefact 1537 First Edition

Published: 01 Apr 2017