The glove box guide to tactical grazing management for the semi-arid woodlands


This book has been prepared for graziers who wish to implement tactical grazing management, the approach which best suits the highly variable climatic conditions of the semi-arid and arid rangelands. Contents include:

  • Introduction - information on the four steps involved in implementing such a system:
    • setting a management objective;
    • determining a strategy;
    • implementing a strategy on a day-to-day basis as seasonal opportunities allow or dictate;
    • monitoring the results.
  • Assessment techniques:
    • landscape function analysis;
    • pasture and vegetation assessment;
    • total grazing pressure;
    • soil cover;
    • animal condition.
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Determining stocking rate


ISBN 0 7347 1195 6

Published: 2000