Management burning of invasive native scrub: techniques


Vast areas of the rangelands of western New South Wales are suffering from the encroachment of unpalatable invasive native scrub (INS).

Encroachment is continuing, and unless it is stopped by changes in management, the density of woody weeds will increase and landholders will suffer declining productivity.

Research by the CSIRO, NSW Agriculture & Fisheries and the Soil Conservation Service of New South Wales demonstrated that management burning effectively manages INS.

With fire, landholders can reduce the number of woody weeds and seedlings in a paddock and reverse the encroachment process.

Some of the topics covered in this Primefact include:

  • Terminology
  • Fuel
  • What size area to burn
  • When to burn?
  • Firebreaks
  • Equipment
  • When to burn
  • Lighting up


Primefact 853

Published: Feb 2009