Burgundy bean

Name: Burgundy Bean (Macroptilium bracteatum).

A new semi-erect, perennial species. Burgundy bean consists of 2 cultivars, Cadarga and Juanita and is deep rooted, drought tolerant, good seeder and regenerates well both from regenerating plants and new seedlings, as it has a high proportion of soft seed. Cadarga is more upright, productive and produces more seed than Juanita which is prostrate, has better mosaic virus resistance and longer living plants. This gives the advantage of persisting and regenerating plants.

Burgundy bean is sown at 3-7 kg/ha, at a depth of 2 cm. The seed is marketed by Heritage seeds and comes pre-inoculated and pelleted, which accounts for higher seeding rates.


Cardarga & Juanita but sold as a pelleted seed mix by Heritage Seeds

Inoculum: CB1717