Burr medic

Name: Burr Medic (Medicago polymorpha var brevispina)

A self regenerating annual legume growing mainly in the autumn, winter and spring. It differs from naturalised burr medic in having spineless pods. It has a high seed yield, however it is susceptible to blue green aphid, a pest that can causes considerable damage to susceptible medics in western NSW.

It has been grown in other states on a wide range of soil types from mildly acid red brown sandy loams to red clay loams. Its area of adaptation in NSW is likely to be similar to that for Caliph barrel medic.

Sowing rates:

2–5 kg/ha. Inoculant Group AM

Seed available:
Varieties/brand Main Seed Source
High hard seed levels
Santiago Public variety
Moderate hard seed levels
Scimitar Seedmark/PlantTech P
Cavalier Seed Distributors