Green panic

Name:Green Panic (Panicum maximum var. trichoglume)

Perennial. Most growth in spring, summer and  autumn. Tufted growth. Suited to a wide range of soils except those of very  light or very heavy texture. Responds well to improved fertility. Moderate  tolerance to drought. Responds readily after rain. Sensitive to frost.  Tolerates shade. Do not use seed less than one year old. Pastures dominated by  panic species may cause photosensitisation. Grows successfully with lucerne and barrel  medics/ sub clover subject to soil type and rainfall. Suits very fertile soils.  Often persistence is disappointing, possibly associated with inappropriate management,  especially heavy grazing pressure. Sow in mid-spring or late summer to early  autumn.

Sowing rate:3–5 kg/ha. If sowing with lucerne, reduce lucerne competition by reducing the lucerne sowing rate to 0.75 kg/ha.
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
(summer dominant) 500 mm.
Variety:Petrie (Public variety)
Green panic