Marc Desmanthus

Name: Marc Desmanthus (Desmanthus virgatus)

Perennial summer growing legume suitable for growing on clay soils in tropical and sub-tropical northern NSW and Queensland. It is a productive, persistent, drought tolerant legume that is well eaten by livestock.

Unlike other tropical legumes currently available to livestock produces for sowing in heavy soils, Marc is well suited for use in extensive grazing areas of native and sown grasses.

In combination with perennial grasses, such as buffel, Floren, Strickland, Swann and Bambatsi, Desmanthus has yielded 1 to 2 tonnes of dry matter per hectare and up to 3 tonnes in pure swards.

Minimum Annual
550 mm.
Sowing rate: 1 to 2 kg/ha

Marc P (Progressive Seeds)