Murex medic

Name: Murex Medic (Medicago murex)
Description: Self-regenerating annuals. Grows mainly in winter and spring. Suited to long‑term pastures. Sow on good moisture between mid-April and end of May. Suited to a soil pH (Ca) of 4.5 and above. Compared with subterranean clovers (see below) of similar maturity, murex has a higher proportion of hard seeds, stays greener for longer (particularly during a dry spring), and the residue breaks down more slowly over summer. Regeneration in subsequent years is variable.
Sowing rate: 2–6 kg/ha. Inoculant Group AM
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
Minimum average rainfall for the species: 500 mm Southern NSW.
Variety: Zodiac (Public variety)
Murex Medic