Purple pigeon grass

Name:Purple Pigeon Grass (Setaria incrassata)

Perennial. Grows mainly in spring and  summer. Erect growth. Suited to a wide range of soils, particularly of heavy  texture. Some tolerance to waterlogging but Bambatsi panic is much more  tolerant (see ‘Bambatsi panic’). Susceptible to frost. A suitable medium term pasture if combined  with barrel medic/sub clover and/or lucerne as companion legumes, depending on  soil types and rainfall. If sowing with lucerne, reduce competition by cutting  the sowing rate of the lucerne to 0.75 kg/ha. Pastures dominated by purple  pigeon grass are unsuitable for horses. Relatively easy to establish. Use seed  at least one season old. Sow in mid-spring, or late summer to early  autumn.

Sowing rate:1–4 kg/ha.
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
(summer dominant) 450 mm.
Variety:Inverell (Public variety)