Saraji Sabigrass

Name:Saraji sabigrass (Urochloa mosambicensis)

Stoloniferous perennial summer growing grass suited to a wide range of soils. This extremely drought tolerant grass was the best of a wide range of grass species evaluated for mine site rehabilitation. It has the ability to germinate and establish on moderately saline soils and proved to be better at controlling erosion on sloping land than the standard buffel and rhodes grass mixes. It shows better winter growth than Nixon sabigrass (tufted grass) and a lower level of seed dormancy. It is a palatable and persistent pasture species combining well with Stylos and Desmanthus. Grows to about 40 cm high.

Minimum average
annual rainfall:
550 mm
Sowing rate:

Bare seed 2 to 4 kg /ha.

Sowing rates for coated seed will need to be adjusted to allow for the weight of the coat.


Saraji P (Progressive Seeds)
'P' denotes that this variety is protected by Plant Breeder's Rights.