Snail medic


Snail Medic (Medicago scutellata)


Self regenerating annuals. Grows mainly in autumn, winter and spring. Best suited to neutral to alkaline soils in lower rainfall areas of wheat belt and further west.

Suited to long-term pastures. Sow on good moisture between mid-April and end of May. Resists spotted alfalfa aphid; tolerates blue-green aphid. It has vigorous seedlings and good growth in the first year. Variable regeneration from seed reserves in the soil (best on self-mulching soils). Moderately acceptable to stock.

Sowing rate: 3–7 kg/ha Inoculant Group AM
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
400 mm Southern NSW; 500 mm Northern NSW.
Select varieties on the basis of:

Maturity: Use earlier maturing varieties in drier more marginal areas of medic zone.

Yield and persistence: Seek local trial information where available.

Seed available:
Variety/brand Main Seed Source
Early flowering
Sava Public variety
Silver AWB Seeds/ Seed Distributors
Snail medic