Woolly pod vetch


Woolly Pod Vetch (Vicia villosa)


Self regenerating annual type of vetch. Grows in autumn, winter and spring. Suited to a wide range of soil types, especially well-drained soils. Does not tolerate waterlogging. Tolerates soils with moderate levels of exchangeable soil aluminium. It can be a weed problem in winter crops. Forage crop vetches are also available. Note that some other species of vetch are marketed that are not self- regenerating and are used primarily as forage crops rather than for self regenerating pastures. Sow in autumn. Inoculant Group E.

Sowing rate:

4-10 kg/ha.

Minimum average
annual rainfall:

550 mm Southern NSW, 650 mm Northern NSW.

Select varieties on the basis of:

Hard seed levels: Soft varieties are useful for short crop rotations. Increasing hard seed levels increase regeneration potential.

Productivity: Especially in winter (consult local trial results if

Seed available:
Variety/brand Main Seed Source
Low hard seeded
Capello Seedmark/PlantTech
High hard seeded
Haymaker Plus Seedmark/PlantTech
Namoi Public variety