Yellow serradella


Yellow Serradella  (Ornithopus  compressus)


A self-regenerating annual legume, growing  in autumn, winter and spring. Suited to deep, sandy, acid soils with moderate  to high levels of exchangeable aluminium (except cv. Madeira). Not suited to poorly  drained or waterlogged soils.
Seed with hull removed is preferred, if  available. Podded seed will need to undergo a breakdown period and hence  establishment will be slow. Mixtures of varieties of different maturities and  hard seed levels are useful. Sow in autumn.

Sowing rate:

Seed in pod 2–10 kg/ha, dehulled cleaned  seed 0.5–3.0 kg/ha. Enhanced pod is also available (this is partially processed  and consists of a mix of pod and clean seed).  Inoculant Group S.

Minimum average
annual rainfall:
400 mm Southern NSW, 450 mm Northern NSW.
Seed available:
Variety/brandMain Seed Source
Mid – late season, high hard seed levels
Avila Public variety
Early – mid  season, high hard seed levels
Elgara Public variety
Madeira Public variety
Early season,  medium hard seed levels
King G N Lummis
 Ballard Seeds
Early season,  high hard seed levels
Santorini Seedmark/PlantTech
 Ballard Seeds
Charano Ballard Seeds
Very early  season, high hard seed level
Yelbeni Ballard Seeds
Yellow Serradella