Soil carbon in the Monaro region


Monaro Farming Systems (MFS) is a regional landholder group initiated and developed in September 2007. The group was set up, primarily, as a knowledge and information-based organisation, to help farm businesses to be more profitable and resilient in the long term.

The Monaro soil carbon project aimed to demonstrate the impact of farm management strategies on the concentration and stock of carbon in soil over a two year period.

Eight different land-use systems were identified by members of the Monaro Farming Systems group. The practices of interest included liming, nutrient management, introduced perennial pastures and minimum disturbance cropping.

In addition the project looked at increases in biomass production within the context of reducing DSE emissions intensity and any offsets required for increases in stocking rates associated with production gains.

Some topics include:

  • Managing carbon and other Greenhouse gases at the farm scale on the Monaro region
  • Soil carbon capture schemes and the Monaro region
  • Table of results
  • Background information on the trials


ISBN: 978-1-74256-816-4

Published: 2015