Benchmarking Cotton Water Productivity

NSW DPI has been involved in monitoring water use and water productivity across the cotton industry since 2006. This work has demonstrated significant gains in water productivity.

In the latest phase of this research, the co-funded CRDC-NSW DPI project, Trends and Drivers of Cotton Water Productivity, commenced in 2019.

The Trends and Drivers project is exploring the changes that have allowed industry to make water productivity gains over the past two decades, while assisting growers in making water management decisions.

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CottonInfo Partnership Resources

The DPI Water Research & Development team work closely with the cotton industry's CottonInfo organisation. CottonInfo has produced a range of resources highlighting our collaborative research into water productivity:



  • CottonInfo e-Newsletter article: Still on the Rise. CRDC and NSW DPI water productivity benchmarking results for the 2017-2018 irrigated cotton season show significant increases in water productivity.
  • Spotlight - Autumn 2020. The water productivity benchmarking project was featured on page 16 of the Cotton Research & Development Corporation's Spotlight Magazine.