Irrigation profitability case studies in southern NSW - Murray


New irrigation works can present a significant upfront cost for farm managers, however case studies in the NSW Murray Valley have found that investment in irrigation infrastructure has resulted in positive returns due to labour and water savings, as well as improved crop gross margin returns.

Potential financial and payback periods from investment in on-farm irrigation infrastructure and layouts are illustrated by the two case studies detailed in this Primefact.

The ‘Murray 1’ case study involved a partial change to a terraced bankless layout.

The ‘Murray 2’ case study involved a full conversion from a side-ditch delivery contour layout to a terraced, bankless channel system with beds under rice.

Topics in this Primefact include:

  • Methodology including average commodity and water prices and economic analysis calculations
  • Outcomes related to changes in crop rotation and irrigation efficiency
  • Economic outcomes detailed through financial analysis of capital outlay and investment returns, including net cash flow and rate of return


Primefact 1683 First Edition

Published: Mar 2020