Animal Welfare Advisory Council

The Animal Welfare Advisory Council is a non-statutory committee with the purpose of providing the NSW Government with advice on animal welfare matters. The Council comprises representatives from industry, government, animal welfare organisations and professional bodies providing a spectrum of views and balanced advice. There is an independent chair, appointed by the Minister for Primary Industries and 11 member positions.

More information on the Animal Welfare Advisory Council

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Current membership

  • Chair - Dr Kersti Seksel (Australian Veterinary Association)
  • Detective Inspector Cameron Whiteside (NSW Police)
  • Mr Robert McIntosh (NSW Farmers)
  • Mr Mark Fraser (Pet Industry Association of Australia)
  • Dr Kate Mills (Australian Veterinary Association)
  • Ms Dianne Peisley (Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association)
  • Dr Suzanne Robinson (Department of Primary Industries)
  • Dr Elizabeth Braddon (Local Land Services)
  • Mr Stephen Amesbury (Wildlife Rescue, South Coast)
  • Mr Stephen Bradshaw (Australian Rodeo Federation)
  • Mr Steve Coleman (RSPCA NSW)