Standards, guidelines and policies

Prescribed standards

In addition to complying with the legislation and conditions of their licence, exhibitors must adhere to prescribed standards, which detail how they must keep animals to ensure their welfare.

Proposed Australian standards and guidelines for exhibited animals

The proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Exhibited Animals will create improved and nationally consistent rules for the care and management of animals kept for exhibition purposes at facilities such as zoos, fauna parks, wildlife parks, aquariums and museums with live animal exhibits.

An associated consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) was prepared. The statement identified the costs and benefits of protecting the welfare and security of exhibited animals, and addressed the need for standards.

Documents and discussion papers

The consultation process

The public consultation period ran from 24 March to 6 June 2014. The exhibition is now closed. All submissions will be considered before the guidelines are finalised.

Submission form for comments on the proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines - Exhibited Animals
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