Control options for Johne's-infected beef herds


Owners of beef herds heavily infected with Johne's disease should consider their long-term prospects within the industry before embarking on an all-out eradication program. Control of the disease will certainly minimise production losses, but complete eradication will take a long time (sometimes up to 10 years), involve considerable trouble and expense (unless a more rapid destocking/separation approach is adopted), and there is no 100% guarantee of success.

The contents of this Primefact include the following:

  • Introduction
  • The 'do nothing' option
    • Detect/remove all infected animals
  • Problems with control/eradication
  • Principles of control/eradication
    • Control of spread within a herd
    • Eradication and the 'end-point'
  • Approval of management plans
  • Summary


Primefact 18 First Edition

Published: Aug 2005