HGP Select

HGPSelect is a tool that will allow you to select a range of HGP implant products that can be used in your beef finishing operation. A series of questions are asked and the responses you elect to provide then allow the software to list the HGP implant products that would be suitable for the use you have described.

The tool does not select on price or recommend any one product over another. There are buttons that take you to budget sites, so you can do your own cost:benefit assessment, and to an HGP product listing of all products registered for use within Australia.

HGPSelect can be used in conjunction with the Meat and Livestock Australia Beef Growth Calculator available at the MLA website www.mla.com.au - follow the leads to 'MLA More Beef from Pastures', where the Calculator is available.

HGPSelect uses only information lodged by the manufacturers with the federal registration agency, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Agency (APVMA ).

If you want to know more about buying and using HGP products, the series of five Primefacts will provide this information.

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