Expressions of Interest (EOI) pilot for apiary sites on public land

To keep beehives (an apiary) on public land in NSW you must hold a permit or license to do so from the government agency that manages the land.  Following the new policy framework for apiary sites on public land,  the process for allocation of new apiary sites or recently vacated apiary sites is moving to an expressions of interest (EOI) process.  This process was developed following extensive consultation with industry. (A summary of feedback received is available in this Consultation Report (PDF, 618.11 KB)

To ensure the successful rollout of this process, in July 2018 the DPI in conjunction with the landholder agencies will conduct a Pilot of the EOI process with a limited number of available sites.  The pilot aims to:

  • preview the EOI process
  • gather feedback and identify potential improvements and
  • inform requirements for larger-scale rollout of EOI’s in the future.

Timings and location of the pilot

The pilot is scheduled to start on the 24th of July 2018 with the publication of the available site information and EOI application forms on this website.

During the 4 week application period, interested parties can visit the sites if desired and must prepare and submit their application documentation.

The 21st of August will be the final date for submission of applications; after which applications will be assessed to determine the allocation of permits.

Applicants are expected to be notified of the result of the EOI in mid-September.

The pilot will be located in Central Western NSW and involve between 10 and 20 sites. Exact site locations will be announced at the start of the pilot application period.

Preparation for the pilot

If you would like to participate you can prepare for the pilot in the following ways:

  • Register for email updates by sending your name and contact details to:
  • Ensure your Beekeeper Registration is current.
  • Download or scan your Public Liability Insurance policy documents.

Gather information about your:

  • Biosecurity training
  • Adherence to the HoneyBee Industry Code of Practice
  • and history of compliance with Biosecurity and permit / license terms.

Further detail of the EOI process will be published at the start of the Pilot.

During the pilot, check this page on the DPI website for updates.  You can ask questions via the email address: A public forum will be held in the Pilot area during the application period  to allow for questions and gather feedback about the process. Dates and details will be published here at the start of the Pilot.

The application process

The following infographics explains the planned high level application and assessment processes.  Further detail of the processes will be published at the start of the Pilot.