Exotic pests of honey bees


Exotic pests are pests which are present in other countries but to date have not been identified in Australia. The pests listed below would be expected to cause major economic losses within the beekeeping industry should they enter into Australia:

  • varroa mite
  • tropilaelaps mite (Asian mite)
  • tracheal mite
  • braula fly (bee louse)
  • Asian bee
  • Africanised honey bee
  • Cape honey bee

All beekeepers, from amateur to commercial, can play an important role by observing their hives closely and providing early detection of exotic pests. This Primefact contains information on the characteristics, initial field signs and identification methods for these exotic pests. Information on parasitic mite syndrome is also included.


Primefact 046 First Edition

Published: 01 Apr 2006