Pests and diseases of honey bees


Bee brood diseases that are established (endemic) or exotic, exotic mites (exotic meaning not known to exist in Australia) and the parasite braula fly are some of the main threats to the commercial beekeeping industry in New South Wales.

Topics in this Primefact include:

  • The major threats
  • Other pests and diseases
  • European Foulbrood (endemic)
  • America Foulbrood (endemic)
  • Chalkbrood (endemic)
  • Sacbrood (endemic)
  • Small Hive Beetle (endemic)
  • Braula Fly (exotic exempt Tasmania)
  • Varroa mite (exotic)
  • Parasitic Mite Syndrome
  • Tropilaelaps Mite (exotic)


Primefact 1681 First Edition

Published: May 2019