Automatic milking systems

Milking Edge: a training and extension program for automatic milking in Australia

Project Overview

The Australian dairy industry is committed to supporting investment and successful operation of Automatic Milking Systems (AMS). A three-year project known as ‘Milking Edge’ is a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Dairy Australia and DeLaval, and aims at ‘Supporting industry to consider, invest and operate AMS successfully’.

The project is built on a decade of successful research and development led by FutureDairy, as well as the experience of almost 50 commercial AMS farms around Australia who have decided to invest in the technology.

Tools and resources available

  • Online AMS information and training
    • Online AMS information modules: A series of 8 modules covering key farm management areas. They are free and available online. Each one takes ~1 hour and you can start / stop them at any time and they can be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile. You can complete one or more modules to suit your needs or interest.
    • AMS Training Course: It is run online over 10 weeks, and includes going through all eight AMS information modules (1 module per week, approx. 1 hour per week work commitment), Q & A sessions with AMS farmers and service providers as well as practical exercises.
    • These are a great resource for farmers considering investing in AMS, those looking at working on AMS farms, those that work with farmers that have invested in AMS or those interested in technology!! Here also a short promo video on the modules and training
  • AMS Integrated Management Model
    • This is the first decision-support system available for pasture-based automatic milking systems (AMS). This tool provides farmers either considering investing in AMS or those already operating AMS a better understanding of the system and its performance.
    • This tool allows exploring the key physical and economic impacts of different AMS configurations and management options.
    • Additionally, it allows farmers to assess and plan the potential investment in AMS, identify areas of underperformance and propose alternative pathways to optimise whole system performance.
    • You can access the IMM tool to support your AMS decisions

Get involved

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For more information about the project, please contact Jessica Bell.